Upcoming Gamemodes

So, on the GMod Tower site, in the gamemodes section, It talks about gamemodes that are planned for GMod Tower. Are there any plans in the future to add these gamemodes to Tower Unite?

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Monotone and Puzzle Impossible (the name of the coop puzzle game) we’re both cancelled long ago because they weren’t fun. Don’t know if they’ve said anything about the others.

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i love puzzels, would be so calm if this game had puzzels.

Monotone wasn’t fun, and there were technical limitations with the decal system.

Puzzle Impossible was too easy to memorize and too linear for a multiplayer game.

Harvest is too big for Tower Unite.

2D Knockout, Little Nostalgia, and Gourmet Race were shelved due to lack of developer interest.

Unannounced Coop Puzzle was never announced.


some of the modes sounds like so much fun, why is harvest too big for TU?

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Games of that type are far too long.

ohh, i didn’t see that they was upcoming gameworlds, but they could make harvest as a singeplayer game,

but they could add a new house in the plaza for games like puzzles or board games, for 2 or more players,

you could say the Puzzle
was very far from Impossible