Unreal 4.20 Happend


Its literary an Obvious number idc how it works i’m just keeping track, if you guys are up to date with it?


Feels like a drug # rn


We have been following, but we currently have no plans to upgrade to 4.20.

Upgrading our engine costs us a month or two of development time and pushes everything back by months. This is because the engine can change so drastically that it breaks all our stuff and causes tons of regressions.


A lot of the new features seem to be for mobile development anyway. Actually, TU on mobile would actually be pretty fucking sweet now that I think of it. Might be something to consider sometime after Early Access. I’m also still fucking dying for VR support. Trying using VorpX once but man that program is garbage.


that update delivers plenty of nice feature (out of the game port to other supports ones)
so perhaps yeah you guys can wait for further developement before updating and then using these new feats for polishing (and fixing) when no major feature is awaited in the future


it seems like a really good update tbh, but it’s not a thing we need, it’s just a upgrade in a way if we press the button.