Unplugging Mic Disables Music

I discovered this bug in Zombie Massacre, but it works everywhere.
When you plug/unplug your mic while Tower Unite is up, all music would stop playing. The bug fixes itself when you join/leave a server, or exit and reenter a room (Ex. Arcade).

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Launch Tower Unite
  2. Connect or Disconnect your mic with the game open.
  3. Any music will stop playing.

What I expected to happen

Music to keep playing.

What happened

All music-related audio will stop.

Notes / Media

Actually, I’m pretty sure ALL audio stops when you suddenly change your computer’s device setup i.e. unplugging a mic, but only currently playing audio. I had a clip of it somewhere but my mic cable came out and everything was dead silent in the arcade until new sounds started playing. To my knowledge it doesn’t permanently break sound, though. Once new sounds start being queued by the game they will play properly. I have a hunch this isn’t really fixable as similar behavior can be seen in other programs (ex. youtube videos currently open might not have audio until reopened etc) but its been a while since I really experienced anything like that.

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That’s more accurate, but I mainly noticed it with the music. I know it doesn’t break forever, as I stated before (Leaving and re-entering an arcade).

Oh oops lol i missed that somehow

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