Unofficial Tower Unite Trailer - Did I do good?

I’m deciding to make videos for Tower Unite, starting with this trailer. In the future, I’ll be making changelog videos about major updates and if I actually get any half decent views I’ll come up with other videos to do with the Tower. Majorly excited for this game and want to do anything to help further it’s development.

Please leave feedback where-ever you want, I’m sure to read it. Thank you!

CLICK HERE TO SEE THE TRAILER (Not a horrible virus I promise)



What this really shows is, there needs to be a smooth cam option at some point later in the game’s development, for camera shots like these.

Thanks! :smile: Yeah there’s nothing in the options to get rid of the HUD either I think…could be wrong though. Didn’t look into it too much.

… have they fixed hats?

Doesn’t look like it, the traffic cone seems like the only thing that fits :confused:

Controllers, if you have one, do sort-of make a smooth cam effect.

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This is a great idea for future videos, thank you sir.

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Nice vid, for the smoothness either use a controller as SirParadox said or turn down sensitivity and be careful with mouse movements.

A dolly cam or some kind of movie camera config would be cool but I doubt it’s needed/would be used. But nice work and I’m excited to see what Pixeltail themselves do for the trailer :grin: