Unlockable music

With certain achievements we should be able to unlock music for certain parts of the game. Say if we play 100 games of Khromidro we unlock the option for the Khromidro gmod tower soundtrack.

like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04rfMnCVSXE

I doubt they’d be able to use the original music because of copyright stuffs

I would suggest giving the people who bought the Soundtrack the music.

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Give them what music? The music that is already in the game???

Also, I don’t think we should need to change the game music I think it’s pretty great already.

How about an item that can be placed in your condo and it plays the soundtrack from TU


I think he means like if you don’t like for example Virus music you can change it. I would prefer the option to do it in your condo (only music that doesn’t need to be activated to start playing).

I’m talking to you not him, “Give people who bought the soundtrack, the soundtrack that is already in the game” didn’t make sense to me, I didn’t understand what you mean.

It would’ve been more obvious I was meaning you had discourse not removed the quote from my fucking post

I meant give people who purchased the soundtrack and item that lets them play that music in game

Maybe instead of the original music, maybe like a remix? I think this would be something that would happen post early access, but then again that’s up to the developers and Will.