Unknown and offline status

So I was playing Tower Unite and I saw that my units were offline even though I was in an active lobby. I quite, restarted steam, then the game but hey…the bugs still there. I missed out on credits for three achievements and even a few games.

Things I have done;

  • reinstalled
  • restarted both steam and T.U.
  • ran both as administrator, then just steam, then just the game
  • verified the cache of game files

I have played this before, I had approx ~100,000 creds and now I cant buy or do anything.

The reason that it says that your units is offline is because you have lost access to the backend server that has the information on how many units you got.

The game should automatically try to reconnect to the backend servers but if it doesn’t you can force it to try and make a new connection by restarting the game, i think that’s currently the only way.

Also since you arent connected to the backend you cant really earn achievements or items such as milestone items

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tu relies on steam, steams broken cause it was shut off, since tf2 broke everything with a crashed economy

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I still EARNED the achievements, it even showed up on steam. However despite it giving me the connected status in the top right I still had unknown unites. I have started the game up several times to no avail.

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