Units/tickets cleared

I just logged in after this latest update and all my units/tickets are gone. Inventory is still there at least. I had almost 8 million units so a little worried atm. This happening to anyone else?

Mine displayed as 0 for a few minutes and then refreshed after walking around in the Plaza for a bit. You could log into Tower Express just to make sure you still have them.

Hadn’t thought about logging into Tower Express thank you. I’ve been walking around a bit and it’s still showing as zero. Hopefully mine will fix itself like yours did! = )

So I was able to make purchases through Tower Express. My units still aren’t showing in the game but at least they are there. Thanks again for the suggestion Nuclear! I appreciate it.

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Steam is currently being wonky at the moment, which is causing transactions to be delayed.

You can follow the status of these systems at https://towerunite.com/status