Units/Money Not counting Correctly after exploring Workshop Condos

The Title says it all for some reason I lost all my money it went to 0 and if I go into condos I still have 0 Units/Money but if I check the main menu I will still have my money counted correctly but not in plaza or condo so I can’t run around and buy stuff because the game money count believes I have 0 money but in menu I have money currently I have a glitch 33 money and when I sold a fish I got 250 units but in the plaza only got 3 to myself and the 280 was just not, there I can buy stuff with Tower Express but that does not really help with Stuff like Arcade and while I played a game to see if my money would update correctly after play racing I check in menu that I have about 6k units but in plaza/minigame had half of my money I ended up spend it and try to get it to 0 from tower express but I am limited on buying anything less than 3 and less than 50.

This needs to be fixed as if anytime I go into my condo my money will be like a fake blackhole 0

There’s a bug where the bottom left unit counter doesn’t match with the pause/main menu counter and tower express. I believe it actually has to do with game tokens rather than entering workshop condos, since “buying” game tokens basically hides the units it cost to get them, then spends them when you play a game.