Units Double Charged

I won a jackpot of around 2 mil units from Wheel of Money and spent some of it (around 800k) on some condos I’ve been saving for. While I was exploring my new underwater condo I had 800k or so units deducted from my account once again. I only have around 350k left.

I looked into it online and found a few similar cases and most of them said that the money should be back after a restart of Tower Unite and/or Steam but I’ve done that, verified the game files and waited a few days and my money isn’t back.

Worth noting is that I was zoning out while playing Wheel of Fortune and noticed that right before I hit the jackpot I had around 1M units in my account that I didn’t have before, and when I hit the jackpot an extra million was added so maybe it had something to do with that? I’m not sure.

My running theory is that the Casino didn’t intend to give me as much money as it did so they broke into my condo and stole the rest of the money but I’m not to sure, any help is appreciated!