Units are gone & Mouse moves

In the main menu I am shown over 1.000.000 units, in the Plaza only 41.000 units (where is the rest?!) & my mouse keeps warping in the game.

My mouse pointer is somewhere else than it is in the game. That makes it impossible to play in some cases. Happens all the time, no matter where I am or what I am doing. Both in the condo and in mini golf.

Screenshot_1 Screenshot_3

Restart game and reinstall mouse drivers

Not sure if mouse drivers would fix the issue with the mouse not lining up right. I’ve had this before and the fix was usually changing resolution or switching out of fullscreen and going back in. For me at least, I usually got this when the game would launch on the wrong monitor, or be forced to it because something like a video cable unplugging.

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Yeah just took mouse drivers as a first since mouse related problems can be on the mouse

Which mouse drivers do you mean? My mouse does not have one? Simply plug & play & everywhere else it works.

Okay so it’s not a high end one like razer logitech etc or it’s on of their plug and play models

Changed the screen setting in the game & set it to window mode until now it seems to work with the mouse.

Unfortunately I still don’t know where my units are in the Plaza :frowning: they are shown in the main menu.

The only advice I have until a dev comes around is to see if logging into Tower Express and seeing what it says/does.

There I can see the same units as in the main menu :neutral_face:


I think that nobody here has a solution for my Units problem :cry:

If you enter the Arcade, how many tokens does it say that you have?