Unexplainable lagspikes

Ok so apart from the usual lagspikes like the really long ones when an area loads and the 1 second ones when anyone changes their model i also have some different lagspikes in the plaza, maybe its the ghosts that are updating. Is there any way i can reduce or -more preferably- get rid of these tiny lagspikes, it really discourages me from playing.


that was me behind you grabbing your leg when you were walking, sorry about that.


I also get these with good specs and internet. Main thing that makes me not want to play this game, sadly, among other general performance issues


Link how did you get your hands on the parts from my old pc?

Video doesnt work for me :frowning:

Video doesn’t want to load, but based off of the description I’m pretty sure installing TU on an SSD would fix that. It worked for me.

We’re looking into these lagspikes. In the meantime I’d recommend doing a defrag of your hard drive. We believe this is a weird issue with loading the stores. Why they continue to stutter on demand is what we’re trying to resolve soon.


Oh weird, i uploaded the video to streamable and deleted it from my pc, didn’t expect that to affect the uploaded one

We lost the permission to watch the video.
Link plz fix.

i can still see it?