Underwater is too Hard to Decorate

I recently bought underwater, and I really like the general aesthetic, but there are many things about it that royally piss me off

First up, Too many rooms. this might seem like the opposite of a problem, but there’s so many rooms i can hardly figure out what to use half of them for. And even if I do figure out what to use them for, the next problems prevent me from being able to use them for something.

Everything is rounded. This means I cannot get ANYTHING to line up with the walls. This is a massive issue, Since there’s gonna be tons of walls that are just completely barren, as I can’t put anything on them. I can’t put paintings on them, since the paintings will be awkwardly floating off the walls except in one specific point. I can’t put tables next to them because there will be large chunks of unused space i can’t use for anything. This is in my opinion a Massive issue, and an inherent flaw with the map’s design. I can’t really see a solution for this other than to remake the entire map, which will piss off everyone who somehow managed to actually correctly decorate this mess.

Last but not least, None of the straight walls line up with the rotation grid. What this means, is that even on straight walls, no bends or turns or anything, I can’t put anything next to them, because they are at such an angle, that I cannot line up any items to be in perfect parallel with the walls. This might not be a huge issue for others, but for me it’s a massive issue.

Despite the fact I really like the general look of this condo, I just cannot do ANYTHING with it.


Yeah we definitely don’t have enough round furniture to decorate the underwater condo but hopefully workshop items can alleviate that a bit now. As for there being too many rooms: I disagree. It may feel too big right now, but it’s meant to be a community condo. No single person is expected to make full use of the entire condo, but a group of 4 or 5? Sounds way more reasonable :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well if it’s true that a single person isn’t able to decorate this place fully, then that is a dick move. Making a community condo before adding community condo support is not nice.

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Well it’s not like you can’t decorate it on your own, but the scale of it is designed with community condos in mind. They specifically released it saying that it was the first community-sized map, so it’s a bit unfair to say that it wasn’t a nice decision.

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It should at least say.

it is meant to be a community condo, but it isn’t just a community condo, it also can be used as a normal condo, the reason it is in is so we have more normal condos, and when community condos come it will have some condos you can actually use with it (so big condos multiple people can actually build in that isn’t cramped), rather than having just 1 community condo that will probably come with the update.

but yeah underwater needs to be fixed, it needs to be less round (even though that is the aesthetic, but it makes building too hard).

well, the size of it is the smallest problem.

but yeah i know what you mean, underwater is just shaped strangely and is hard to actually make anything that is unique in it.
it does need to be more friendly to users in the way that you can build in it and have it so it isn’t just underwater with random decoration, but someone’s condo that uses underwater and is very unique in how it is built, so that it doesn’t look like the normal underwater.

I assume you probably know about the gizmos that the devs are developing RIGHT NOW WAOW.
I personally think these will make my life (and yours!) as underwater condo-users much much easier.
Another issue I have with Underwater is the lighting? I find depending on the time of day, and even sometimes always it gets super dark in rooms.

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Forget about all of that, what about the fact that everything in the underwater places as awkward angles. Place down a wall to block something and there’s a near 100% chance it’s going to be unaligned.

I mentioned that