Unable to Load Tower Unite


I am unable to load the game. After several attempts to fix the issue, the best I can get is this: the game loads into the initial loading screen and then closes. No further information. Any suggestions?


Surface Pro 7
64-bit OS

Running Windows 10

What I’ve tried:

  • running through Steam (both DirectX 10 and DirectX 11)
  • running directly as administrator
  • verified integrity of game files
  • closed other apps and monitored memory usage (nothing even close to capacity; only a small bump shown on launch)
  • disabling Steam overlays
  • checking log files for crash data (got nothing)
  • advanced Steam start-up: -log -verbose (tab opens, nothing is written, closes when game closes)
  • restarting and reinstalling throughout this process

The Surface Pro 7 uses an integrated graphics card, and probably isn’t powerful enough to run the game.

Integrated graphics cards won’t work very well, if at all, with Tower Unite.