Unable to Load Tower Unite


I am unable to load the game. After several attempts to fix the issue, the best I can get is this: the game loads into the initial loading screen and then closes. No further information. Any suggestions?


Surface Pro 7
64-bit OS

Running Windows 10

What I’ve tried:

  • running through Steam (both DirectX 10 and DirectX 11)
  • running directly as administrator
  • verified integrity of game files
  • closed other apps and monitored memory usage (nothing even close to capacity; only a small bump shown on launch)
  • disabling Steam overlays
  • checking log files for crash data (got nothing)
  • advanced Steam start-up: -log -verbose (tab opens, nothing is written, closes when game closes)
  • restarting and reinstalling throughout this process

The Surface Pro 7 uses an integrated graphics card, and probably isn’t powerful enough to run the game.

Integrated graphics cards won’t work very well, if at all, with Tower Unite.

On the official minimum requirements you’ve written “Integrated graphic cards will have trouble running the game.”

I’d recomend that you update the requirements to actually say what integrated GPU’s work (only high end AMD APU’s?) or that no integrated graphics works at all.

Integrated GPU’s these day are around the speed of GTX 1050’s and so on, and also reaches the requirements of minimum 1 GB VRAM or recomended 2GB of VRAM. Is it a lack of driver optimization for intel graphics drivers in general that’s the issue, if low end dedicated GPU’s with similar performance can launch the game?