Unable to join game modes

Unable to join any of the game modes by joining through a server’s game mode queue. After voting for a map, screen shows “waiting for host” for some time, and i am redirected to themain menu. Only able to play games by joining through the main menu, or by joining a friend’s game


I joined Minigolf once through the lobby. Every other time I try, I get the same thing.

Same here i been getting this issue since the launch of the game. i cant join the game modes including the official servers.:pensive::pensive: could be cuz of location wise, like people from the asia region cant join the game modes through lobby servers???

All the game modes that i had joined through the main menu so far has been hosted by players in asia.

Ok so apparently, I’m only able to join games only if the servers are located in asia, or if they are hosted by players in asia, so yea it is cuz of our location

Maybe try changing your Steam server download location in Steam’s settings? Not sure if that could matter, but maybe it’s worth a shot?

Thank you so much for your suggestion! I changed my download region in steam settings to US- New York, and now my game is able to detect US hosted game servers and condos from the main menu, and I’m able to join them. I am now also able to join gamemodes through US lobbys like the official server, but however it only works sometimes… But now that I have changed my download region to US, I wonder if that means that i can not connect/ detect other game servers or condos other than those hosted in the US…

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