Unable to go to see 3rd person view on Certain Emotes with Small Avatars

I’ve been using a short avatar for a while before the Christmas Update. However what I notice now with my avatar is when I do gestures such as Sit, Lay down, Anonymous, Worship and a few others, my Camera would zoom right back into First person view.

I figured it out that it seems my camera goes into the ground and cannot move at all to zoom out to show my avatar, like its stuck.

I tested it on a larger avatar, and it seems to work just fine.

I am very confused on why this is suddenly happening as it never did this before on my avatar I been using. Did they mess with the Camera controls on Gestures?

I hate not being able to see my avatar with these gestures and I hope that it will be fixed so they will work like they did before.

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I’ll take a look into this. I’ve gotten reports before about it as well.

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That would be awesome. Thanks again for the quick reply.

Lemme know if you find anything.

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Any updates on this situation?

This is getting fixed soon.