Unable to Connect to Official Server

So a few hours ago, I was just messing around in my condo when I tried to head back to the lobby to buy some more items. For some reason, however, it wouldn’t allow me to connect and would kick me back into my condo instead. I went to check the server list, and the official server would appear and disappear as I refreshed the list repeatedly. I was able to connect sucessfully at that time.

Later, after some minigolf I went to connect to the lobby again, only for it to refuse once more. Once again, the official server was missing from the list, and would only appear once I refreshed the list several times. I was able to sucessfully connect then as well.

Now the official server won’t appear at all on the list, even after refreshing several times. I can’t connect from minigames or my condo, either.

Am I the only one having this problem? I know I haven’t done anything to be banned, nor have I ever received any message saying as such. I am updated to the latest version. I’ve also verified my game cache and restarted steam, all to no avail. I’ve also tried reinstalling, and the server appeared until I disconnected from it the first time.

UPDATE: I just tried hopping on again, and the server has returned. It always seems to reappear when I hop on again after a bit. I went to check and see if it would vanish again after disconnecting from the lobby for the first time, and it did. However, it reappeared after I refreshed the list a couple of times, and continues to appear and disappear at random.

It could be down. Just wait a bit, and check again if it’s still not appearing.

I’ll try hopping on later, thanks. Though the fact that no one else has mentioned this, or downtime, has me concerned that that’s not really the case.

Please mark this thread as solved. It helps the devs sorting out duplicates when they are bug hunting.

Except it’s not solved. I’m still having issues, and it’s not a duplicate to the problems other people have posted having.

Dunno maybe your connection is unstable or whatever. Or you set your Steam ping limit per minute to a very low value. If there are any problems in the future you can remove the solved status.

I’m removing it now because it’s still having problems. I’ll check my steam ping limit, but until it’s actually not giving me problems, I’m not marking it.

Edit: Not ping limit, it’s set to automatic/highest. Issue still unresolved.

This is an issue with Steam filtering. I don’t know what we can really do about this. Where are you located in the world?

Steam filtering? I apologize, I’m not familiar with the term. I live in Texas, USA.

If it’s something you guys can’t resolve, I’ll go ahead and mark the issue as solved and hope that the problem clears up on it’s own.

Yeah we do everything we can to make the server show up, but if it’s not showing up, it’s something to do with your connection with Steam networks.

Alright, I’ll have to look around and see if there are any ways to help stabilize it. Thanks for taking the time out to respond! I really appreciate the help. :smiley: