Unable to chat in global chat and Workshop models not automatically saved

I just recently started playing Tower Unite. I’m having two major issues:

  1. I’m unable to type in global chat. I can see other people chat, I’ll type a message, press Enter, and the message doesn’t send.
  2. Any Workshop model I wear I have to reequip whenever I join a new plaza, game, or when I restart the game.
    I’m hoping there are some fixes for these issues. The 2nd one is annoying but not awful but the 1st issue is extremely annoying cause I’m not able to talk with other people.
Why global chat isn't working.

During the Arcade release it was discovered that the global chat was causing problems for the other systems on the game servers due to the large influx of players that was using the global chat.
The gigantic amount of players that were trying to use the global chat during the arcade release also caused it to just stop working every now and then.

As Caboose has said in regards to the global chat:

Global chat has been disabled for the time being.

Global chat would require a massive rework and frankly it’s not our higher priority at the moment. We’re focused on getting the fixes out for things found for Arcade, wrapping up what we can with the Arcade, and moving on to Accelerate and SDNL. In the background we’re also working on an improved server browser system that won’t have the same issues that the current one has, and a system to allow for proper matchmaking, which would allow you to queue up for a minigame anywhere.

The global chat program itself really wasn’t designed to handle as many players as we’ve been getting. We have other systems in the background which are much better suited for the higher player count,and were designed in a way that can be parallelized and shoved behind a load balancer.

In the meantime you can only use the local chat which can be accessed by either clicking the “Local” tab in the chat screen or by pressing “Tab” while in the chat screen, or you could disable global chat in the “GAME/HUD” settings under the “Chat” section, this will cause the chat to automatically switch to local when you join a server.

For the playermodel issue.
There are a couple of different fixes that might work, although for some reason it seems that some of these fixes only work sometimes while other times they don’t do anything.

One of these fixes is to change the default playermodel that you’re using, this means one the four default playermodels that you can pick in the appearence menu.
So for example if you’re wearing the milk carton playermodel as default, change to the skeleton, male or female playermodel.

It’s also possible that the game isn’t able to save the playermodel information to the game files, a possible temporary fix to this is to manually change the playermodel in the gamefiles.

Head into the folder in this file path:

Open up the “Game.ini” file and down down to the following line:

Change the file id on said line to the id of the workshop playermodel you wanna wear, for example “(FileID=2060511359)”
The file id can be found on the link for the workshop item that you wanna change your model to.
The id for the example model is in the end of this link:

Now save the change you made and close the file.

The playermodel should now stay as the one you changed it to in the gamefiles and shouldn’t mess up again unless you try and change playermodel via the workshop.


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