Typo for Miniature Train Cart

It says Minature Train Car. http://florens.be/screenshots/Tower-Win64-Shipping_2016-04-27_15-30-48.png

This isn’t a typo

From what I know, miniature is the proper spelling :o

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It says minature not miniature

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Oh, I thought he was talking about it saying Car, not Cart

@Zapty @Advanst @Florensie For all who are confused just look at this photo I took:

Miniature is the correct spelling, minature is incorrect.

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Miniature and miniature have no difference.

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Sorry, changed that

Changed it my bad

I was agreeing though :o

Oh and replying to @Zapty, but I didn’t know what they meant.

Man, you’re on a roll. lol

It’s a joke lol xD

That’s ok I just saw you name so I put it in