Twitch Streams?


So uhh, yeahhhh. I know it’s been quite some time since the last, and has been listed as TBA for a while. Any idea when these are returning? I know you restructured the Daily Dev Logs into Weekly, but have these been axed as well as part of the “super focus”? I miss coming home to them on Friday nights :sob:


Streams haven’t been axed, it’s just been hard over the last couple months to set a strict time to do them. We found that trying to do them every other week took a toll on development, as essentially it took an entire day to prepare and do them, which if we’re in the middle of preparing a patch for release, or ironing down a feature, can really take a blow to the flow of development.

We will continue doing them, I just can’t speak about how often again. Our internal goal is to try to decide if we’re going to do one during the week during our weekly meeting. It hasn’t come up the last couple times due to the holidays and travel. I’ll ask about it during our next meeting.

For now, the Weekly Dev Logs should be an insight, in reality, the Weekly Dev Logs is just the stream in written form, the content on stream wouldn’t really deviate all that much from them to be honest.


True. I suppose this can just be translated with photos and videos in the weekly log as an equivalent.