"Tutorials" for each of the gameworlds eventually? Kind of? Just Ball Race?

This seems kind of silly, but recently my mother started playing Tower Unite and is not used to WSAD controls, so the only game she can really play is Golf at the moment. I’ve been trying to budge her into learning WSAD, but its difficult. If there were some small Ball Race course which is selectable as a “tutorial” to teach her how to use the camera and move with WSAD, that would be great for people new to these games, especially seeing as Tower Unite is advertised as casual.

Like, if there was a course in Ball Race that is about 5 levels and walks you through how to play it and how to use WSAD to where even a baby can understand it.

For example:
The first 2 levels of the tutorial do not have goals:
1: Use the camera to move. Look at the target behind your ball. (Ball is locked at this point)
2: Move forward with W. (Backwards is allowed after this) Move backwards with S. (Sides are allowed after this) Move left with A. Move right with D.
3: The goal of each level is to touch the “Goal” at the end. This one is simply a straight path to the goal, but is on the diagonal direction. Player has to move their camera first. “Going forward means you move in the direction you’re looking at. Look at the goal first before moving forward!”
4: You can move the camera and move at the same time. This one has a right turn into the goal but is otherwise simple.
5: This one is an S shaped course and tests the most absolute basic movement possible. You complete the tutorial after this. You are introduced to melons sometime during the tutorial, not sure when.

From a programming perspective, the first 3 “levels” are actually just 1 level where it moves you to different parts of the level after certain criteria is met. If that makes it easier to comprehend.


Dude. You should be very lucky to have a gaming mother, that’s literally a dream that came true.

Besides that (again, your mother is awesome for being a gamer), that’s a really good suggestion! I bet some of the community members here could help make little tutorials if the developers don’t actually put it into the game.


This could be accessed through some option in the main menu. Just have a third Tutorial option alongside the Join and Create game options. For the more individual games, such as Ball Race and Minigolf, your idea of a small, tutorial series of levels is a great idea.

For team based games like Virus and Planet Panic, however, I’d suggest a single “practice” map that has game rules scattered throughout as well as practice scenarios, such as moving targets. In any case, I think it would be a great way to introduce people to the games without feeling like they’re being thrust directly into something they know nothing about (even if the rules are fairly straightforward in the end).


This isn’t really on topic to the suggestion, but you can play Ballrace with a Xbox controller, if you have one. It’s really fun and I like it waaaaay better than WASD. I don’t think I could go back.

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She’s never used a controller in her life and flails around when i tried to show her how to use one (Steam controller). She always moves around by holding “W” with her index finger and never uses all 4 keys.

Remember, she’s the kind of person that’s spent over 5-10 years playing Facebook games.


Ah, gotcha… It’s just something she’ll have to work out. Honestly, you can get away with W for most of the easy courses, but whatever works for her I guess.

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Also, to save on effort, I would also assume the art style for each “Tutorial” could be a grid-like Tron aesthetic bare of any design whatsoever.

Crappy Youtube image of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon because I can’t seem to find a better image of what aesthetic im talking about.


Perhaps your mother would find it easier to use a stick for moving around, using a controller.

I tried. It just doesn’t roll well with her.

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Uhm… I’m usually playing with default keybinds so I don’t know right now… can’t you already rebind keys like WASD to ones that suit your usage better? Doesn’t that work already? Not that I’m against Tutorials but it seems like a more obvious solution to the given problem.