Turning Physics-al Media into Cartridges

In order to improve the reliability of flat physics items, I make them chunkier and smaller. That raised a little issue with the proportions of a disc-case…

So anyways I made them into cassettes.
I thought it’d be a fun little “collectible” (vaguely) for my Condos, making them visually distinct from the standard DVDs.

Behold! A rare, one-of-a-kind copy of Christy - Santa’s First Female Reindeer on TMC!

I’ve called them TMC Carts: short for Tower Media Control Cartridges. I attempted to blend the canvas with the actual texture, but it’s a little rough around the corners. Each TMC has a sticker on it representing its contents, instead of full boxart, and is closer to the dimensions of a video thumbnail.

Due to the changed orientation of the texture, it is now readable when held by a player.

I also made a Blockbuster-style deposit box and scattered multiple Carts around my Condo for my friends to find.

If you want to make your own, here’s some simple templates to overlay onto your images (object scaled to 0.9/0.8/1.2):


Dude, that is so incredible.

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Updated for the adjusted UVs and scale: (0.9/0.8/1.2) I also recommend disabling collision, this prevents player collision.
Unfortunately this makes the labels incompatible with the static furniture item, use the old ones above for that.

Labels on the backside will naturally be face-down, usually only visible while held.
I’ve also included blank labels for a classic home movie or creepypasta starter kit.

Extra Blank Labels to Write Over