Turbo Quality Plaza Showcase

Hey everyone, we’re less than a week away from Early Access, so I decided that I might as well put together a bunch of high quality screenshots of the plaza. In case you’re seeing this in the future, keep in mind that everything is subject to change, it’s an alpha build.


Turbo quality all the way, and to think it only kinda makes my computer sound like a jet engine.

I love when people do the high quality showcases. Thanks.

I would set my settings to low, cuz it says i have 20 FPS on the UE4 performance test

@TJEntertainmentYT 20 FPS on lowest settings or highest?

Lowest settings

wow bru…

I only play in Turbo. I still don’t even know what the game looks like on low… Might test it tonight

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It’s like…soap…

And guy,what fps you get in UE4 perf?