TU trading cards with holographic cards



death to all blorps


no need to be so rude :frowning:


I like all these trading cards you have been making recently, the drrabbit one is my favourite but possibly keep them all in the same thread. You don’t have to but it keeps thing nice and organised while also making it easier for people to find the cards without going to multiple posts. I am enjoying seeing these cards though. :slight_smile:


I am disappointed in you.


I am proud of you.


Why would you say something so controversial yet so brave


as much as dribbit plays TU, i dont think he is a feature of TU? so i dont think a trading card based on a player would make sense.
Also TenDesires, you just want to see the world burn… can i watch it burn too.


I think maybe a card of all the devs, or of each gamemode like:

Minigolf: a golf ball on a card
Ball race: a character inside the ball
Little Crusaders: Knights chasing down a dragon
infected: zombies being attacked
planet panic: cats and dogs fighting
Zombie Massacre: Survivors shooting after zombies


well consider the following
the most trading cards a game can have seems to be 15
However 9 or 10 seems like a good amount, as having lots of cards to get isn’t very fun :frowning:


I got, to be honest, I can’t figure it how to do that


good ideas


just edit the original post, or reply to the original post with more cards