TU suggestions

No place for Tower Unite suggestions
Need to suggest pony playermodel and furry store and arcade games in suites and there’s nowhere to do that

(no but seriously i’ll talk to mac and we’ll see if we can get a Suggestions category)


That gave me shivers


I’ll tell you why Not:

If you do this to furries & ponies, you’ll have to do it for other fandoms also - let’s not forget, Fandom wars.

Better remain neutral from fandoms & leave it to the modding community to create that.

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UPDATE: The Feedback category doubles as a suggestions category. Put your suggestions in there, please.

You completely forgot the point that My Little Pony is a copyrighted property.

Also, I’m like 90% sure that OP was being facetious.


The feedback section is where Tower Unite suggestions go, but I’ll go ahead and rename it to make it clearer for everyone.