Tu.sh - Tower Unite Linux Server Auto Update

Finally after too much time not actually putting this up online, I’m happy to post this to the net
I tried making a windows version, but pretty much no avail, so that’s something still needs working on

I’m unsure how these may be made compatilble with screen, as it currently uses tmux instead

Because the way the forum software handle’s inline gists, I’d probably just leave it embedded like this, can’t get any worse can it?

Visit the gist page for a full rundown, discuss below or in the gist comments

Since config is now stored in a file not replaced by steamcmd, it is no longer required in tu.sh config
sed has been removed


Thank you very much!

The embed isn’t dynamic and I have to edit the post to push changes to the forum

still awesome that the forum can fetch github content.

I need to update the sed scripts today to work with paths to the new config

Anyone using this should apply the patch (after I post it)

I should finally get around implementing your script :see_no_evil:
My server still only updates on Monday and Thursday 5am

What’s your cron like?

it runs a shutdown.sh script at monday and thursday 5am and installs system updates (i’m running Ubuntu 14.04 LTS). and everytime I boot a cron runs startup.sh. This script updates every server first and them runs them afterwards using screen.

ha, I haven’t even touched system updates on any of my linux servers :worried:

wow. you are really risking your server getting hacked. there are bots that check on you once your server has broadcasted its existence (f.ex. through steam browser). These bot do standard stuff like trying weak passwords, checking your software versions and hence using exploits to take over your system. Your system might become part of a bot net aswell. Updating is one part of system hardening. But actual hardening on linux is explained quite well here: http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/linux-security.html

Not even I know the password to the server, it can only be accessed through a pem key
It’s all manhandled by Melbourne University

Hooray, first annoying thing I need to solve

Sometimes steamcmd errors while downloading, fix is to keep running the application

I just have no idea in bash to extract information

I think it has a log file I can scrape

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Did you try redirecting Bash Output to a file using >? Example:
command >> logfile.log

Please note > overwrites the file, >> adds your data at the end.