TU Seems Like The Game PlayStation Home Should've Been!

Like, seriously! You get your main hub area that everyone spawns in, a humanoid avatar to customize with clothes and accessories, a loft/condo to customize with the layout and furniture, and games to play to earn in-game currency.
However, it does everything that Home should’ve done! No micro-transactions, freedom of movement in the tower, no restricted areas for VIPs who bought the special micro-transaction item (so far, at least), custom servers with modding capability, I mean seriously, this should’ve been PSHome!
If there was any way to throw money at this right now, I’d do it as soon as possible!

Oh no… You dont know what you’ve done!


We’ll be seeing a lot of comparisons to PSHome in the future, guys. Don’t hold your breath.

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Dr you should know never to say that on here… Oh shit I hear @macdguy coming.



well, he’s saying that TU is BETTER than PS home, so…

I was basically trying to say how TU is like PSHome, but better in literally every way.

Its not that one is better then the other… Its that you’re saying its like Playstation Home. even though it is

We are pretty much able to tell how the reviews for Tower Unite on youtube will look like. At the end, they will end up comparing it to Sims, Playstation Home or Second Life in general. Really can’t wait to see them for some reason.

Wait now I have no idea how much this post is even related to the topic.

I mean, he’s not wrong. TU is still a virtual world game like PS Home or even Second Life. Hell, I first started playing GMT back when PS Home first closed because I was looking for a replacement and this was the closest thing I could find that didn’t suck (cough Second Life cough)

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They stated multiple times there will never be micro transactions.

I think he was talking about the VIP item, which there won’t be in TU

Other companies have said that before (cough Overkill cough) only to add them anyway. Just saying. Although, I do trust them, though.

IMO Tower is more similiar to Club penguin than anything else

inb4 penguin playermodels

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This literally needs to become a thing.

Gone a little bit off topic