TU-only memes


Minigolf will always be my worst enemy


I responded to this in the other thread you posted it in.



iS THiS LoSs


Ew, loss


Ew, @Badusername2000


Isn’t exactly tower unite but, it is from the forums of tower unite, so i slipped this one in.


Low-effort meme


Whoa, that was fast


not sure if anyone remembers this lol


>be me
>forum regular
>with the game since the GMT days
>check the forums
>new post in the meme thread
>“Dang, nice shoes!” “not sure if anyone remembers this lol”
>check the Indiegogo page
>3 years ago
>realize some won’t actually remember it
>tfw you became “one of those” community members
>tfw old


Alright guys, I think this is the best meme I’ve ever made. Scratch that, this is the best original thing I’ve ever made.
Also, despite being really glad I got around to actually using this format, I’m not touching it ever again.

(edited it like 6 times because I clearly don’t understand how English works)


Oh if only i still had acess to my pc or my laptop, the ideas are sitting still in my head


I DO!!! I remember it



actually, what happens in diamonds is that you get three cherries but there is three diamonds lined up right below it, you get to witness the sadness of that, and it sucks


at least you get 130x15 units instead of 15x15



Favorite one right here


EDIT: Fixed his glasses