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it’s sad because it’s true


It’s more sad because this is the first time I’ve seen games exist for Virus/LC/Planet Panic in the past 6 months.


Where do you live? I see Virus games pretty often. LC games a bit less, but still from time to time. (I’m central europe)
Also, it’s not sad. It simply implies people like minigolf more than the other gameworlds. Maybe because of the concept, or perhaps because minigolf is more polished and has more maps than the other gameworlds.


I think the number of Minigolf (and, to a lesser extent, Ball Race) servers has to do not only with their general popularity, but also due to the fact that you don’t need to wait to start playing. Only Minigolf and Ball Race don’t have a player minimum, so there’s no risk that you won’t get enough players in your server to play.

That doesn’t stop the other games from having servers from time to time, and I’ve found that going into a lobby and announcing that you want to play Virus or Little Crusaders will generally pull a few people to the queue.


comin at you live with another dank meme




Dood, i live in central EU too. Ive never seen more than 2 servers of virus at the same time


Well… yeah. 2 servers at a time.
Was responding to someone claiming they haven’t seen a game in the past 6 moths.


Still, depends on time. 2 is max. through out 90% of the day theres no servers


Game Theory: Tower Unites’ Cosmic Catsack has a Dark Secret


Love it.
The font, the title, the dumb implication. It’s just like a genuine Game Theory video!


Now we just need to make a 2 hour video that doesn’t cover what the thumbnail shows and it’s perfect.


forgot to post this yesterday rip


[details=Jojo spoilers]

Disclaimer: Had never been a huge fan of GMT, but I wanted to use the format.


also not to be that guy but you should tag it as a spoiler for Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 6; just in case someone wants to read jojo and not be spoiled.


I lost count on how many people i have seen ingame saying this.