TU-only memes


Can you show the source on that info?


What is the search function?


Insert the tip about the Egon being the most powerful weapon in the game

Egon image is really low quality because i just took it from that video on the sneak peek thread


roblocc dave, recreated with shittyness in mind. image


here he is in all of his glory


please add this to The Plaza™


ok now that would be epic




roblox davey got mixed up in the wrong gangs,

5 likes for a more in deph perspective of daveys life


image davey does love an ak.


good work infiltrating the Dan mafia


you don’t mess with dave i see.


do not tarnish other realms with your wretched and horrid presence you foul being


When a person with a weak computer tries to boot up TU


my old GPU only hit 60 degrees when i played


I believe i can fly

i believe i can make a more original meme amiright


imagine getting beat by jose_gonzales_2005 in ballrace by less than 00.01 seconds


The workshop update in a nutshell




I honestly expected him to pump the car full of anime girls and thanos avatars