TU-only memes


>filling your condo up with silver catsacks


If only i could relate


image When you spend all your money on catsacks, get one golden, get the second worse drop
Edit: gif not working



LOLLLOLOOLOLOL omg that is funny




Is this where we start to immortalize drrabbit as a living meme?










HOw dare you subjectify rabbit in your “meme” (it’s not even good) as a snail lover/cheats on other snails. You are making fun of him even though it is obvious there is only one true snail so jokes on you, you made yourself look dumb.ehem …I AM THE SNAIL LORD ehem… that snail is purple like thanos who is a villain, snaily-boisky is tan like humanity and cargo shorts(hail cargo shorts) plus rabbit is my brother and my brother would never feel attracted to a women is red because that is not respectful to whamen. also, the picture of sneel is to low-res which dims his glory, DISRESPECT to me religion. discord snail is rotten and deserves to die but you can’t force my brother into saying so, he has his opinions and rights and I’m the only one who dominates him!


Rabbit it is ok I’m here for you, I know best and you will be my slave not a meme


No jinko, just no :expressionless:


Your repetition will not be hindered my prophet



also someone make a TU meme about
“summer update” being right at end of summer or if it comes to it in a couple of days or so not in summer



Screenshot%20(109) A meme of your relationship with the snall



How can you insult the snaily boi like that


“the snail” oof that was a bad one