TU Moderation - Rules, Guidelines, and More

As recently witnessed in the official PixelTail Games Discord, new members joined and immediately spammed both pictures and messages. This resulted in everyone’s perms being removed in terms of embedded links (which displays pictures in chat). I feel that this situation could have been handled a lot better and differently. If it was only a few select new members, why should everyone suffer? I am suggesting that we have new moderation techniques in place, such as warning and punishing individuals when rules are broken. At no point were these individuals warned, even when regular members started complaining about the poor state of the Discord (in that point in time). I think new rules and guidelines should be set in place to better the community.

Note: Having rules and having them being inforced are two different things.

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There are rules in place already. Basically, the GMT Rules apply to the discord. People have broken these rules before, and they have been punished (banned). There is a moderation team consisting of the Devs, and @Bikonito and @Noodleneck.

It rarely happens, but it does happen, but when it does happen, it gets handled.

BTW, this isn’t the first time Embeds have been disabled, and it won’t be the last.

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Embedded links are only disabled for a little bit. I’m gonna re-enable them.