TU kickstarter trailer song should be the credits theme

even though the indiegogo trailer is better I’m sure we can all agree that the kickstarter trailer has the better song. It would be a shame to not get to hear this ingame so my suggestion is that we hide the credits somewhere as an easter egg and make “kickstarter” its theme.

Perhaps if you typed “credits” into the request url box on a TV it would play the credits instead of a video I dunno, I just want to see the song ingame somewhere.


While this would be a good idea, I’ll just put here that you can download that song from soundcloud for free by going here: https://soundcloud.com/donglekumquat/kickstarter, so if you would like to grab a copy of it to listen to you can :smiley:


funny thing is I was listening to the song just now while surfing the forums looking for shiet to respond to and get involved with.

I’ll probably be using the music as background noise while playing in TU, as well as a playlist of different things if I want to try something than just the normal in game music.

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