TU isn't as lively

In gmt i used to join on a daily basis and there would be an average of 50 players online daily, i would join and talk to people and make new friends and just be on gmt as much as possible to get a reputation, but now the plaza server only has like 20 people or less when i’m playing TU and it just feels deserted, i hope TU will be as lively as gmt one day but for now i just want to point out how empty TU feels. Make Tower Unite Great again

also please read the whole thing before replying, thank you

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Yeah, I noticed that, too.
I bet that there will be tons of more players in the future when more stuff has been released. :slight_smile:

one day hopefully

When the transfer update was released, there was about 30 - 60 player on the official server that day.

I agree the community is quite small, but that might be due to the lack of variety and Content. Plaza activities and more gamemodes will add more depth.
Also please note that TU has “only” more than 10000 Owners. This will change in the future don’t worry. I think it’s a bit too early to start a giant campaign and do Steam sales to Boost the player count.

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I feel like there’s not enough to to in the lobby, so at least in my case there’s not really a reason to stay there, perhaps others feel the same

i am still making good friends. i am all the day on ball race and i find people that are interested on ball race
but yea its true its not like how it was

There’s a lot of reasons plaza is dead and the main reason I strongly dislike plaza is the Theater treatment it’s been the same person posting broken videos the last few times including Gore Loli Porn I mean yea it gets fixed when they restart the server but then he queues the same videos on both theaters and then nobody can use them the fact it’s just ignored bothers me as that was my favorite feature of GMT (Even a skip button would fix it)

Second is well the Casino I mean there was always someone on slots or playing a hand there so that should gain some attention especially at launch of it.

Third reason is Condos back in GMT I’d always run in and out of other peoples condos or hang out in the condo lobby sadly that cant be done without leaving Plaza and now that there’s local chat that will kill Plaza chat even more.

and my last reason is Game Queues back when me and my friends would play GMT we would sit in front of golf waiting for the game to end so we could play and in that 10ish minutes we would talk to everyone now that cant happen it’s insta queues or just go to menu and create your own private game.

Edit - Just wanted to add I understand that Pixetail is working on the issues that currently exist within the game and a lot of the stuff will be polished in the future and that takes time, So on that point I think you’re all doing a great job for what the game is currently.


Actually there’s usually about 100 people playing ( https://steamdb.info/app/394690/graphs/ ). There’s just not that much to do on the plaza (yet).

I hopped on for a couple hours to play some of the new maps, but that’s pretty much it. I’m not super creative so my condo isn’t a big deal to me. I imagine I’ll be playing more when there’s more gamemodes, the plaza is all done and more people are hanging around.

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I find it easier to just hop into games off the menu instead of waiting to join the lobby and then wait until enough people want to play a game. I also enjoy condo hopping to see what other community members are doing and meet some new people. Until they add more to the lobby I only really just use it to buy items.


There’s things missing, like the arcade, the boat functionality at the docks and the roller coaster.

And the casino and the boardwalk activities. But why do you say the plaza is done if there’s so much missing?

I think you misread [quote=“Sapphire, post:10, topic:9666”]
I imagine I’ll be playing more when there’s more gamemodes, the plaza is all done and more people are hanging around.

They imagine when the plaza is all done and more people are hanging around is when they’ll be playing


Oh yeah, I misinterpreted that, thanks for pointing that out.

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Originally I had planned to wait till the game came out of early access before playing it, but GMod Tower just meant too much to me so I couldn’t resist; I’m hooked despite the incomplete nature of the game. Besides, custom images for your suite is one of the coolest ideas that could have been added to this game, and I’ve seen some people put it to amazing use. I saw a suite by someone named AshGe who made this entire gigantic theater area entirely out of props and used canvases to make things like carpet textures and curtains.

Anyway, I just think people want the game to be finished before they start playing. I suspect the player count will rise when the game gets out of early access.


Yeah, a sale would boost sales quite a lot. But there is not need for a player boost right now.

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that is a confusing sentance