TU Daily Issue 3: Lobby 1 & More Missing Newspapers

Our newest batches of newspapers have been lost. It could have been the same people who tore up our last batch of newspapers.

In other news, the Pixeltail Games Discord server went in shock when TU developer Caboose700 stated that custom lobbies would not happen. When users including Raphy said that they wanted lobby 1 back, Caboose responded with, “Oh you haven’t found it yet.” A few minutes later, Caboose showed an image of a file for Lobby 1 in Tower Unite’s files. You can view this image here:

TU Developer Wergulz also showed a file for the upcoming Accelerate gameworld in TU’s files.

Wood is still missing from resident’s homes, but it is speculated that leprichauns caused the crime.

Stay tuned this week for more news in the Lobby, Gameworlds, and Condos.


( also no such file exists in the files of TU, as expected )


Can’t wait till next edition!