Tropical Island (W.I.P)

I’m back. And since Tower Unite got a few sweet Updates, I’m going to make something sweet. I’m going to make a Tropical Island.

Started from this:

Into this!

It is a Work in Progress so there will be more stuff added and improved. Hope you like it.


Welcome back! Island is looking pretty lovely!


What condo is that so much water underwater maybe

It’s Smooth Dirt I believe. You can change the texture on the ground.

It is Smooth Dirt, just like OutGamed100 said. Changed the texture on the ground to water dark.

Is the island a workshop model?

no, most of it is used with canvas cubes.


damn that’s impressive

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He must spent a lot of work on it

really, if i count everything on how much time I spent, its less than a week.


Great stuff.

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added some more stuff

improved the interior of the bar.

added a small lake with a waterfall.


Thats the last reply im doing. After that, I finish this small island and show the finished Version either by a new thread or editing this one.

So in overall, I removed the brown rocky canvas cubes and replaced them with real rocks and added a minor improvement to it like bush grounds and palm trees. And i added a way up to the next area. Hope you like it.


In total, how many canvas cubes have you used in this build? Just curious :smile:

right now i have placed 1.341 cubes in my condo.