Trophies Dissapearing

I tried to place a trophy, and when I let go of the mouse to place it, it disappears. The second time i was just putting it back into my inventory, and it disappeared as well.

Happened to me too.

They know about it, don’t worry. I think Mac is already addressing the issue.

This is a known issue. There will be a patch tomorrow (June 9th, 2016) to add a stash button to the inventory tab to get lost items back.

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This shouldn’t happen anymore, but like Caboose said, a stash button will be added to help with the loss of items. They’re there in your condo, just in limbo.

This also happened to my basketball hoop. When I tried placing the item down in my condo the green overlay would flicker and when let go of my left click, the item would disappear. The same thing happened when I placed down my ball racing trophy. Lost two items from this bug :confounded:.

Check out Patch for Update