Trivia Suggestions Thread

This is where we suggest new categories for Trivia and possibly new features for Trivia. :smiley:

I start off first with saying I’d like these categories:

Entertainment: Comic Books
The Internet (Memes, Viral videos and so forth)

That’s about it, I just thought it was a good idea to start early. So the developers have an idea of what we might like for it. :smiley:

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What categoriesare there to begin with? I don’t have an account on the site.

Too many categories is not a good thing though, atleast in my view.

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Let’s NOT do that.

Do actual categories like:

  • Video Games
  • Nature & Biology
  • History
  • Technology & Gadgets
  • Wonders of Science
  • Art & Literature
  • In the Laboratory

Just a few suggestions.


I don’t see a problem with a category about the Internet and its culture. And I’d like to know what makes those suggestions “actual categories”.

The issue I see with it is: this is a commercially usable database of trivia questions that could literally be used anywhere. Unless there is a way to filter categories and questions, then some businesses may decide against using it.

Seriously, though. There is bound to be an overwhelming number of questions relating to Tower Unite just because the database was created by the same people who made Tower Unite. Let us try to consider the database as a seperate product, and keep in mind that other organizations will use this database for real life situations- they probably do not want an overwhelming majority of the questions relating to the Internet to be about memes, YouTubers, etcetera. Think of how real world implications (such as education) differ greatly from how the dedicated people of the Internet would use it (mods, minigames, mobile apps; entertainment).

Science: Technology & Gadgets is what I would call it, not sure about adding it just yet.


I’m not against an Internet category for things about Twitter and such, but no memes.

Added a PixelTail category for handling this for now. It might vanish.

In general, we want to keep the category amount low and concise.


Glad you told us that, since it’s very easy to start adding multitudes of categories. Which was one of the questions I had in the beginning how wide the categories would go, so to speak.

At least, I’m glad we’re keeping it within wider categories instead of having a multitude of sub categories for that specific movie, that specific video game, that specific book and so on and so forth.

I’m still confused what Science: Computer is supposed to contain. I see one question related to Gmail and another related to a security vulnerability, HTML 5 implementation date, the MP3 format. So I am not so sure, it’s the only category that mystifies me. So I suppose it’s anything in relation to computers?

I would like to see a way to show the correct answer in a true-false question
For example: T/F 2+2 = 5? False - The answer is 4

I would also like to have a hint system.

We also need a programming category as it’s too ‘tight’ of a subject to put under computer science. A game development category would be nice too.