Trivia score wiped again

Hi there, basically my top total score in trivia has been wiped again, i’ve made a post previously here about the same kind of issue here:

I checked the trivia leaderboards a couple of days after the arcade update came out, and my top total score of 10,000,000 is just wiped again, I checked my collection book and it’s seriously bugged and my total wins has been impacted too:

May I please get an explanation about why it’s been removed? Is this a bug or has this been done intentionally? and can I please have my score back?


I know you did this legitimately so it is unfortunate if it was wiped


I can also verify that this is a legit player.

Seems like my score is back. uhhhhh I don’t know what’s going on.

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lol, visual bug?

Well actually, my top score is back. but not my total wins, i have 1,273

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please fix :frowning:

its fixed

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