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I, myself, playing this wonderful game called “BoxBot” and it seems to have a problem about this one question in which it says that “In Terraria, what does the Wall of Flesh not drop upon defeat?”. The choices were, A. Laser Rifle B. Pwnhammer C. Breaker Blade D. Picksaw. Yes my answer is not correct as I’ve picked breaker blade. Upon researching the real answer it was B. Pwnhammer instead of Picksaw. Let me attach the link to this mail.

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When defeated, the Wall of Flesh will leave a box made of Demonite Bricks suspended in the air. It will always contain the Pwnhammer, which can be used to destroy Demon Altars. It also may contain Healing Potions, the Breaker Blade, the Clockwork Assault Rifle, the Laser Rifle, and different types of emblems. The Wall of Flesh will also drop 8 gold coins.

The question is asking for what item isn’t dropped, and the picksaw is not dropped. The answer is correct.