Tried buying a condo, I didnt recieve it but I got charged anyway

Summary of bug here:

Steps to Reproduce

What I did was go in the Horizon Condos store, buy the multiplayer “Condo: Resort” and pressed buy/checkout.

What I expected to happen

Obviously for the transaction to process and me to recieve the condo.

What happened

The ingame money was deducted from my person, but I never recieved the Condo.

Notes / Media

Below is link to steam discussion from people experiencing the same issue that day with an answer from dev Caboose700 on the issue

Not sure how or if it can be reproduced. I read the day it happened there were some kind of issues with the sync between TU and steam inventory servers?
I read (i don’t remember where) that the transactions would sync later and the condo would show up on my account. It still hasnt to this date. Would love help to solve this issue, I don’t have the time anymore to farm the ingame currency again to engage in the multiplayer condos with my friends…

Hello, can you please provide your Steam community page?

Hey Macdguy,

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hello, I have sent you the resort condo.

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