Treat Milk Cartons More Seriously


I want Milk Cartons to be able to do all the same things humans can do, Like bowling, and Ball Race. I also think they need a sitting animation and a crouching animation.


MILK lives matter!


this is partially a joke


This isn’t a joke


this is


I think the main reason theyre not in some places is because their shape and hitboxes are too different. Its a problem GMT had too.




No I mean while the suggestion seems quite jokey it brings a valid point, they can’t really do the same actions properly, as funny as their dance is I think it’d be nice to see them interact the same way as humans.

I also have an idea, Make them run the same animations as humans, but create a custom emote that can only be used by milk cartons but also allows them to move after using it? A toggle emote for their original dance possibly.

Just a thought


The no sitting and crouch animation is what gives it it’s charm.


How about have a toggle between Classic Milk Carton (no sitting/crouch anims) and Improved Milk Carton, which has those things.
Also, I think milk cartons should be able to play all modes except SDNL and Laser Tag.