Transport System

I think it would be a nice idea to have a transport system to be transported to separate areas in the map. Let’s say to use cars are a train. I think some people will like these types of transportation more than teleporting or walking.

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Yea, and @macdguy please add tubes from Portal 2 as a secret ._.

i heard they would have shoes that makes you run faster i think (so like pokemon games) i hope they put in a skateboard that makes you go superfast! or roller skates

I think tubes would be pretty cool. Not sure about actual land vehicles though, they can get a bit distracting. We can maybe add the (source) karts kart vehicle as a reward to be used in the lobby, but that should be enough.
It is unlikely that the TU lobby will have many teleporters, if at all. They have already been scrapped in GMTower Lobby 2.

Well there is that monorail that was featured in the lobby 2 trailer, but I don’t think that fits under what you are talking about.

What if… you had to wait for the subway to arrive at transit, and than walk up to it, and pick where you’d wanna go? Seems legit.


Maybe, but not as the only means of transportation.
Too many people are impatient.

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what if every time you go to the train station you just wait like 10 secs and then the train appears then you go in and see a map and then you choose where you want and then the doors close then it starts moving and the screen goes black then you magical appear at the area you selected…or maybe they could make a small lab room that has some little easter eggs and in the center of the room is some cool teleporter with a map… or what if you could carry some type of map that allows you to click a place and it teleports you? (these are a few ideas)

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I am pretty sure they said they are adding rollerblades, it was either rollerblades or skateboards. I forget!

yeah this idea is great but I don’t think it should be the only way of transport… but it definitely should be added because it adds more realism to the game… teleporting to different places just isn’t my thing

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