Transit Station Expansion & Locations

Now, I’ve never played GMod Tower, but I always liked the idea that the train could take you to different parts of the world of GMod Tower (i.e. the lobby, the waterpark, the nature trails). I was wondering if there would be a similar system working in TU.

Players could approach the trains and a menu would pop up asking where they’d like to go (ex. Main Plaza, Waterpark, whatever the devs decide to add), and a short animation of them entering the train and the train departing could fade into a loading screen.

The way I see it,

  • If the Pixeltail team wants to add more lobby/overworld content that wouldn’t quite fit into the Plaza (whether theme-wise or literal size), they could just add another transit stop and build the expansion there.
  • We could see ideas that others have expressed here (ex. a map to fly around in) or returning areas from GMod Tower (ex. the nature trails/pond) become travel destinations.

I think that would be a pretty damn cool addition to the game. As much as I love the Plaza, I honestly can’t see a lot of room for expansion in that area (aside from the boardwalk, but there’s not a lot of room to grow there), so using a transit system to take the players to new areas would be a much better alternative to awkwardly fitting in new areas to the Plaza that don’t quite fit.

Thoughts? :3


I know they’re planning on making a monorail or something in the empty space behind the Condos, but I dunno if that’s what you have in mind.

This was sorta suggested here, but that was only for entering/exiting minigames.
I do think it’d be nice to have a little train track going around specific hotspots of the lobby.

While I feel like the idea is pretty good in theory, we already have the boards to teleport players and lots of people use that to get around. Plus, I feel like the plaza isn’t exactly big enough for a train or other public transport system

I like your idea, but the thing is there is a map that is by the exit of the transit station that allows you to teleport to different places on the map. Even if there wasn’t a teleport-map-thingy, the lobby map is to small (but still really fun) to have to take a subway/train anywhere. :smiley:

We have the monorail that will be going around the lobby. I’m sure they could add different stations to get on/off it at different popular spots (Tower, Casino, shops, beach, theater). Plus we will get Kevan Brighting’s soothing voice during the trip!

Unfortunately, that is false.

While I don’t think it has been confirmed, Brad might be making a comeback!


That I’m still fine with. They could keep the map there to allow players to teleport to different parts of the Main Plaza once it’s been fully developed and expanded.

Maybe I’m not being clear enough here. My idea was that there would be different areas that aren’t just the Main Plaza (ex. some kinda nature park, a large indoor mall (ie gm_gmall), a hiking trail/mountain range, etc idk whatever the devs decide to do).
I agree that the Plaza itself is too small for a transit system aside from a monorail, but if the developers wanted to add new content to the game that wouldn’t exactly be easy to incorporate into the Plaza they could just use the train system to let players access new parts of the TU Overworld.

QUICK EDIT: I did a quick mockup of what I’m trying to say with this beautiful render of the maps.
NOTE: This is not meant to be all one massive overworld. The blue markers indicate where the devs could put loading screens to load the separate smaller maps instead of having to work with one giant map (which would probably cause the game to lag considerably).


I’m here for this.



If Mac and the other devs put a subway system in, I would like to see an option to put extra custom ‘stops’ as well, that would be pretty cool.

Oh, now I see what you mean. I like this idea even better know since with would help with future content (and it reminds me of Sonic Adventure).
Anyways, good idea. :smiley:

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In all seriousness I’d prefer if they connected all of your ideas with a monorail instead for two reasons.

A: I HATE loading screens

B: It would look pretty neat to have the tram go along some jungle path(Not accessible on foot). You could have the teleport maps for the people interested in instant travel.

I love going from one place to another without any interruptions unless I choose to load from a menu (such as a fast-travel board)

Having multiple overworld locations may allow many of the other suggestions in other threads seem possible (and more useful) to implement. This seems like a smart idea.

As for the suggested loading screens, I’m sure it’s possible to do without them. Those areas could be streamed in while any unseen geometry could be unloaded. If that’s not an option, then either placing other locations in different spots in the world (such as underground) and using teleport triggers could work, or just bring people to a different instance, similar to how condos will work.

That way there could be many locations in the hub world, not all of which have to be as equally useful.