Transaction in Progress


Hello, I’m a new player from the humble bundle. Game is amazing, great work!

I’m having a problem since roughly last weekend. Every time I try to purchase an appearance item though the appearance module, I keep getting “Transaction timed out” which has been happening to me since the weekend. (Note: Between 9PM EST to 12:00PM EST after work every day.)

I know it’s working for others… I’m assuming it’s trying to connect to an external server so I made sure Tower Unite is white listed through the firewall.

Note: This has worked in the past and even now, sometimes the item appears in my inventory without me noticing after a few hours or even next day.

Is there a potential solution I can try or workaround to resolve this? Thanks! (PS I don’t mind if you want to pull me in chat and being a test dummy, I’m VERY IT savvy.) Thanks!


Hi, the devs are currently looking into this issue:


As Umbra said, Steam has been having some problems, that and that the update had some problems, everything should work fine between today and tomorrow. And don’t worry, nobody is dumb here, the forums were made to help users.


Thanks guys!


I just got the game today, and I bought a bunch of size potions. The big potion glitched out or something, it’s only visible sometimes in my inventory. The reason I say this, is that before that happened, the shops have worked fine. But since that, I can’t buy anything without getting hung up on. I worked around it buying items from the express shop in browser, but I can’t buy anything for my appearance. I don’t know how to contact someone who can help, so I decided to use this thread as it is related to my problem. If there’s a way to contact someone on the development team so they can reset my inventory, please let me know.

[EDIT] After seeing a bunch of other people having the same problem, I’m more convinced it has nothing to do with the item glitch I mention and is just a server issue. Which I don’t mind waiting, I just wanted to make sure I personally wasn’t locked out of the shops.