Train ideas

How about the train rails are normally empty but when a player joins or leaves the train passes by and maybe you can go on the rails and if you get hit by a train you die this could be an achievment such as get hit by the train 20 times or something like that also when the waiting for host message pops up when joining a game maybe it could show a cinematic of the train leaving the station.


Put it in suggestions, and voted :smile:

Sounds like a lot of fun honestly!
yes please
also dang it ashge you ninja’d me with moving
didn’t even think about doing that actually


Also make the woman say “Mind the gap”.

It did this in GMT (except you couldn’t get hit) so I’m assuming it will be made at least to the point it was.

I don’t mean to be rude but all these ‘make this small detail that was in GMT’ suggestions annoy me as they clutter up the forum from suggestions offering new ideas. Give them time to at least get to the point where there is enough actual game (ala gamemodes, optimization, other major features) before we flood the forum with insignificant things that will obviously be made since I doubt they plan on making anything less then what we had with GMT.

-end rant-

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I disagree on the “jump infront of the train and die” thing

This isn’t a mass suicide simulator

But GMT had an achievement where you had to kill yourself 200 times with the suicide gun.

Which I found pretty stupid

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