Trade Plaza

Make a trade plaza and you can with your friends and people things for money,other things,rares,casino won,and gifts,
you should add that when you click on the player list and clicking on player profile,you could do:“Invite to trade”
and you will trade with him…
i think alot of people woulld like it

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This could work if players needed to either be verified to trade or required to be friends with the player they’re trading with for at least a year.

I think a year is kind excessive… It could probably work as maybe 2 weeks or so.


the whole reason trading isn’t in the game yet is because the developers have a fear of microtransactions (people can buy units via paypal or something) so this is pretty much the only chance there is imo

more like a justified loathing of microtransactions

Also trading would work just like you’d trade Steam Cards, or TF2 items, if it ever came in the game, there’d be no microtransaction involved.

Unless trading was limited to TU items, there’s always the possibility of trading TU items for items from other games, which could then be sold on the Community Market. Therefore, indirect microtransactions.

Oh shoot, I didn’t even think about that.

Trading would have to be limited to some in-game dialogue, otherwise people would be trading stuff like rare items for games or other crap in their steam account. Unless Steam has some sort of game specific restriction I don’t know about that can be applied…

I think it’s a pretty large claim to assume that the devs are afraid of something, and honestly I don’t really wanna give an input because there’s a lot of different possible reasons that they don’t have it yet. Maybe it’s that they don’t have the system for it yet. Maybe they’re waiting to organize the inventories differently. If we don’t get an official word, I try not to spread information as true.

And just remember… When you assume, you make an ass out of u and me

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An option is to add a cooldown on maybe 10k units and then you have to wait an hour before you are able to trade again.

we better go for 2 months friends

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then you just wait until the 2 month period is up then you trade there arent a many good ways to counter this and i think the risk of having these are worth the reward