ToxicBoo's suite!

Since everyone else has showed off their condo, I figured I might as well show off my (terrible) suite.

So, here’s part of the entry way.

And heres the other side of the entry way.

The living room and the kitchen.

The backyard.

upstairs: part 1

Upstairs: part 2, the reckoning.

Upstairs: part 3, insert witty title here

Secret vent room.

The bar counter in all of it’s glory.

And lastly, a shrine dedicated to the best Pokemon, no argument. Yes, I realize this is very strange.

In other news, this wood flooring is still missing.

So, that’s my suite. Mandatory suite showcase quota fulfilled.

In all seriousness though, I wouldn’t mind some decorating advice, so feel free to let me know how terrible I am at decorating.


Your top 5 images aren’t displaying for some reason. The others are fine, though.

That’s weird, they show up for me.

They don’t for me.

I guess my suite is so bad that the pictures don’t even work. Go figure.

I’m a pretty big noob, how do you get a cut-out person? Want John Cena or Scarce/Keemstar to fulfill cut-out meme dreams

You use a canvas, make it a cutout, and search something like “obama cutout” on google. Search for a transparent image and you have a cutout!

Usually making searches like this is pretty substantial.
If you don’t get what you want with just the character’s name, add “Fathead” or “Profile”.

i just add png to the end of whatever I’m searching for. Seem to get way better results.