Tower Unite's 5th Birthday Celebration

I’m going to be hosting a Game Night at 7pm BST on the 9th April to celebrate Tower Unite’s 5th Anniversary!

How time flies when you’re making a game as great as this!

We’ll be playing every minigame and game world.

If there are any questions, feel free to ask me in this thread.


Ok, dumb question. Why tomorrow? 5th anniversary is today

Time Zones.

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Makes sense

Okay, here’s the heads up. We meet at 7pm BST at my condo, Look for the Title: “Anniversary Game Night Meet Up”, then we start with some gameworlds, before moving to the plazas and then back to my condo for a movie. After the Movie, we finish off with some gameworlds or trivia.

Change of plans, we meet at US West 4. It’s gonna be fun!