Tower Unite Survey! (University Research) (CLOSED)


Hello all!

This is The Bros (I have a different forum name)! I’m currently doing a research paper that focuses on the different experiences that people get from social games, and I’ve chosen Tower Unite as a game to look into!

The survey will ask you questions about your experiences in Tower Unite, and also experiences in real life. This should take about 25 minutes to complete. All data and identities will be kept anonymous. Anyone over 18 is welcomed to take part in this survey!

The survey will close by Thursday, 11th April 2019, 3 PM EST.


  • Participating in this survey will give you a chance to win a custom neon sign workshop item hand made by me!
  • The winner can pick any design to their liking, and I will make a sign out of that!
  • The winner will be randomly selected and I will PM the winner for more details
  • I’m considering making two neon signs for two winners

So if you love Tower Unite, please consider taking this survey and help spread the word! This would help me out so much. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks everybody!




Just a quick heads up on one of the questions which could be altered, the one that says “How many hours do you spend with friends on Tower Unite in a week?” the lowest you can answer is 1-5 hours, but i haven’t really spent any time on tower unite with any of my friends.

And the ones that want you to answer “Yes” “No” or “Maybe”, they could use an “Unknown” option incase you have absolutely no idea about the thing that question asks you.
Edit: some of the other questions could also use an “Unknown” answer option



0 every week :’)



Really good points! Thanks for the feedback! I can’t change these now but I’ll definitely bring these up when I’m evaluating some of the weaknesses in my research.



Managed to submit mine.

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Awesome, thanks so much! @Mogul

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i have done it although i shall not reveal my age, other than its 8 more or less probably?



No worries, thanks for the help! @LittleLuke



Just finished it. Some questions didn’t apply to me, so I just had to pick 1-5 and I was confused about the meanings of some of the questions.



Awesome, thanks! This feedback is actually super helpful, I’ll definitely be bringing up these points.



REMINDER: Survey closes by 3 PM EST today!



And the survey is closed! Thank you all so much for participating! Your help is much appreciated. The winner of the neon sign giveaway will be picked by Saturday! (I will PM the winner. I might do 2 or 3 winners instead of just 1).

Again, thanks everyone!



Quick question about the survey.
By the end of the survey it says that the survey was made to study Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and see if the same structure also applies to the things people do in tower unite.

Will we ever be able to see the findings? As it would be pretty interesting to see the results.



wait there is a prize



There’s literally a big section for it in the post AND it mentioned it at the beginning of the survey :stuck_out_tongue:



Thanks for showing interest! I think I would like to see what feedback my professor gives me first before sharing it with anyone. So I’ll keep you updated!

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So I’ve decided to do 3 neon signs! The 3 winners have been picked, and I’ve already messaged them! Congratulations if you won! Again thank you all so much for your help. If you weren’t aware, I have a neon sign workshop here:

Don’t worry If you didn’t win the neon sign, I’m open to taking in requests in the comment section of my workshop page. I’d be happy to work on them during my free time! :slight_smile:

Have a good day all! :beers:



Thank you for conducting the survey, it was awesome to see someone using Tower for research purpose and I think the topic you chose was very interesting!

Also I’ll be sure to go to you if I ever want a neon sign done :wink: Thanks for offering to do those in your spare time too!

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My pleasure! :slight_smile: