Tower Unite Review

I made a review of Tower Unite!


So since I love to shit on other peoples content, here is my review of your review.

Your editing is pretty good, no stock intro and your audio quality isn’t shit, I also liked the part where you introduced the game and talked about GMT. My main problem with it is you just basically named and described the features of the game and didn’t actually voice your opinion on it, you were just like “This is ball race, it is like super monkey ball, it is fun”. Rather than giving a verdict just at the end, state your opinion on the different aspects of the game throughout the video, people might not care if the minigames are fun, they might only be looking for condo customization, and they could be looking for someones unbiased opinion of it. Unlike a lot of content on this forum though, it was actually well put together and didn’t make me want to turn it off after 5 seconds. Also, what recording software are you using and what are your specs? It either looked like you had a really shit PC or were using some crap software. OBS is the best IMO.

Thanks for the feedback! I actually just looked back to OBS and realized my video preset was on low, because the other day i tried to stream but my cpu only allowed me to stream on low settings. I’ll be sure to fix that in my next videos.

EDIT: Fun Fact: I edited this with Movie Maker xD

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Damn, thought you edited it with something more professional lol, good job at hiding it was done in movie maker.

Didn’t think I was hiding it so good that anybody wouldn’t notice it xD

Before I started using Sony Vegas I used movie maker, people underestimate it. I recommend downloading Sony Vegas though, it’s a good progression from movie maker and has some really powerful tools in.

Is it free?

Nope, but there are ways of getting it for free :wink:

please dont ban me